Paikka: Kuopio City Theatre Järjestäjä: Kuopio Health Co-op. Päivämäärä: 20.8.2023 - 21.8.2023 Kotisivu:

Kuopio Health Insights 2023 will take place on August 20-21. Save the date for the best seminar of the summer!

Our health event is tailor-made for healthcare professionals and business leaders in the health industry who believe in the power of collaboration and its ability to move our industry forward to create positive health outcomes for people everywhere. Kuopio Health Insights 2023 will concentrate on clinical trials in stroke, health & data analysis and industrial solutions.


You can register until August 11

🌼 The two-day event is held in Kuopio, Finland. Participants are selected health experts and business leaders.
🌼 Day one offers a unique and relaxing networking opportunity aboard in a traditional scenic Kuopio boat cruise
on beautiful Lake Kallavesi. The actual seminar will take place on day two.
🌼 The event will culminate with a special dinner at Luoto Kuopio with unique local food concept and
spectacular Lakeland views.
🌼 The event is set to happen as a complementary event coinciding with Nordic Stroke Congress 2023.

Kuopio Health Insights 2023 speakers i.a.:

Aki Koivistoinen
Ambassador, StartUp Health Inc
Aki is an entrepreneur, strategist and batteries included health transformer.
StartUp Health is a global health innovation company and growth platform for entrepreneurs transforming health. StartUp Health has the world’s largest portfolio of digital health companies and network of over 40 000 innovators, industry leaders and investors committed to supporting the entrepreneurs re-imagining health and wellness. As a strategist he works in company, industry and government levels in selected market areas to build innovation capacity and boost business creation. Aki also serves on the advisory boards of startups he has invested in

Lauri Kuronen
Key Account Manager, VEIL.AI Oy
Lauri Kuronen has over 10 years of experience in early-stage Health, Life Science and MedTech companies and helping them to develop their business.
He is working as a Key Account Manager for Denmark and Sweden in VEIL.AI Oy, a Helsinki-based deeptech company.
VEIL.AI has revolutionized the quality and usability of anonymized and synthetic health data. Our vision is to be one of the leading service providers concerning Privacy Enhancing Technologies, especially anonymization.

Erkki Soini
CEO, ESiOR Oy and chairman of the board, Kuopio Health
CEO of ESiOR Oy and chairman of the board at Kuopio health. Health economics expert in cost-effectiveness, market access, and Real-World Evidence (RWE). Influencer to the 1st private secure processing environment SPESiOR. Permanent advisor in TEHDAS, past 2x scientific review committee chair in ISPOR Europe and advisor in the Current Care. 4x internationally awarded content producer with public references exceeding 250.

Kaisa Pesonen
Development Manager, Wellbeing services county of South Karelia​​
Social and healthcare professional, development manager and doctoral researcher interested in the value of data and the creation of value with the help of data.

Miikka Kiiski
Account Executive, CGI
Miikka Kiiski works as an Account Executive and senior consultant within the healthcare industry at CGI in Finland. He has got an extensive career history of working with global technology and consulting companies, as well as working with healthcare innovation ecosystems and business development.

Antti Väänänen
Senior Scientist, Health data analytics, VTT
Antti Väänänen is a Senior scientist and project manager at the VTT Health data analytics team. He holds M.Sc. and PhD degrees in computer science and made his PhD thesis about utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Antti has worked in University of Eastern Finland, GE Healthcare Finland in research and development activities and in his own companies as a CEO. He has experience and interests in AI / MV based solutions, telehealth systems, smart home systems, eLearning, ICT-architecture design, medical device interface interfacing system development and location based systems. Antti has also experience project management and project coordination and in founding several start-up companies and growing various business ideas into profitable businesses.

Anne Patana
Head of Development, Helsinki Brain & Mind, Neurocenter Finland
Anne Patana, Ph.D., has extensive and diverse work experience in both public and private sectors. She has worked in managerial and leadership positions in life science companies for over 10 years. She has a strong background in project management in the fields of life science and innovation management from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Currently, she serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Helsinki Brain & Mind neuroscience network, a collaboration hub between the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, and Helsinki University Hospital (HUS). She also leads the ”Brain Health through digitalisation” project funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project focuses especially on advancing the utilization of imaging and other health data in the field of brain health, as well as developing applications based on artificial intelligence for the analysis of brain imaging data.

Nadia Tamminen
Research and Innovation director, Pharma Industry Finland
Nadia Tamminen is Research and Innovation director in Pharma Industry Finland. Nadia’s focus area is improving the research ecosystem in Finland. With background in statistics, data and digitalization are especially close to her interests. In this event she is presenting how the research environment is improving and providing excellent research opportunities to the companies and researchers. Increasing research activities is bringing investments and health benefits to the Kuopio region as well.

Jussi Särkkä
D.Sc. (Tech.), Director, Ecosystem Development & Research, Bittium
Jussi joined the company in 2018 as a Project Manager for BrainStatus solution development project. Before this new role Jussi has been responsible for Medical R&D function. Jussi has got ~20 years’ experience from Nokia Networks of being part and leading technology research and development projects on internal and external domains, topics including e.g. R&D productivity, electronics materials research, electronics production technologies development, agile SW development methodologies and 5G RF research.

Catharina Östberg, Head of Site Management Nordics, Clinical Operations, Bayer
Catharina Östberg has 30 years of experience of Clinical Trials from a Pharma Industry perspective. From monitor to leading department for clinical trials on Nordic level.

Jukka Putaala, (MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Head of Stroke Unit, Hospital Distrcit of Helsinki and Uusimaa) ER
Jukka is a stroke neurologist based in Helsinki University Hospital. He has 15-year experience in clinical trials in the stroke field and currently serves as National Leader in 3 RCTs and Site-PI in 5 RCTs.

Essi Sarkkinen, PhD (Clinical Nutrition), Director, Business Development & Clinical Research, Medfiles Ltd (CRO founded in Kuopio and operatingin Nordics including Baltic)
Essi has over 30 years of experience of clinical trials and cumulated knowhow of regulatory affairs in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrition. She has worked over 25 yrs in various leadership position in the contract research organizations.

Eero RissanenMD, PhD, Adjunct Professor (University of Turku)Director, Neurocenter Finland
Eero Rissanen is a clinical neurologist and clinical researcher with an adjunct professorship at the University of Turku. The main focus of his research has been on multimodal imaging and biomarkers of disease progression in multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases. He also has strong experience as a clinical lecturer and holds the special competence in Medical Education. Currently, he is the director of Neurocenter Finland with the aim of facilitating cross-boundary partnerships and collaboration within neuroscience research and innovations.

Marianne Pilgaard, Chief executive officer at Trial Nation (national single entry point for clinical trials) , Denmark
Marianne has extensive leadership experience from public-private organizations in the Nordics to increase the number of clinical trials and to strengthen life sciences nationally, as well as from international pharmaceutical industry. Trial Nation support stakeholder engagement in clinical trial processes, strengthen clinical trials infrastructure and framework conditions, all with the purpose of increasing the number of clinical trials in pharmaceuticals and medtech solutions in Denmark. Prior to joining Trial Nation, Marianne spent over twenty years in leadership roles with Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical multinational, in roles across the value chain and predominantly within different aspects of clinical research. During that time, she also contributed to the Swedish national public-private strategic innovation programme Swelife which has the goal to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health. She is an active contributor to life science platforms in Denmark and internationally.

Tatu Laurila, Strategy Director and Partner at Gesund Partners
Tatu joined Gesund Partners 2 years ago to be a hands-on actor in the historical social and health care reform and to help public and private customers to make best out of the transformation. Before consulting Tatu was 10 years at Novartis in diverse Nordic leadership positions, the latest as Head Market Access Finland and Country Manager Iceland. He believes in value based and integrated health systems where real world data drives decision making and the scarce resources are allocated based on optimal patient outcomes. Tatu is inspired by the fact that data and digital will help our health systems to become more preventive and less reactive which will bring more years of healthy life for many of us in the future.

Juha Töyräs, PhD, Director of Research and Innovation, Wellbeing Services County of North Savo/Kuopio University Hospital
Professor Juha Töyräs do have decades of research experience related to medical physics, hundreds of publications and he has supervised 46 doctoral thesis. His scientific work has focused on translational research and seeks solutions in diagnostic shortcomings related to musculoskeletal diseases and sleep apnea. His research has also a strong interface with clinical medicine and work has led to successful commercialization of innovations and two company spin-offs.

Nelson Kibinge, Computational Biologist at Orion Pharma
Nelson is a senior scientist in the computational biology and modeling unit within the Digital Medicine organization at Orion Pharma in Finland. In addition to bioinformatics and data science related support for projects within the company, he is also coordinating one of the themes in the Orion Research Ecosystem which will be the subject of his talk in this year’s Kuopio Health Insights 2023. Additional details about Nelson can be found at