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August 20-21, 2023

Kuopio Finland

Clinical Research

and Health Data


Kuopio Health Insights 2023 (KHI 2023) is about experiencing firsthand how a relatively small yet incredibly dedicated and collaborative ecosystem has blossomed into a powerful, data-driven innovation magnet within the health and wellness sector in Finland – and how it is leading the digital health transformation and creating positive health outcomes for people in Finland and beyond.

Kuopio Health Insights 2023 will concentrate on clinical trials in stroke, health & data analysis and industrial solutions. This two day event on August 20-21, is organized in connection with Nordic Stroke Congress 2023.

Day one, August 20, offers a unique and relaxing networking opportunity aboard in a traditional scenic Kuopio boat cruise on beautiful Lake Kallavesi from 4PM to 6PM. The actual seminar will take place on day two (August 21). The event will culminate with a special dinner at Luoto Kuopio in the beautiful harbor of Kuopio with a wonderful lakeland view at 7PM.

Kuopio Health is backed by multi-disciplinary and trusted private and public organisations with high competence in business, international expertise, R&D and research excellence.

At Kuopio Health Insights 2023 you will meet many of the region’s key players. Our cooperative innovation ecosystem provides access to data, knowledge, projects and capabilities within our network, allowing participants to forge valuable partnerships, find new insights, and bridge any of the typical barriers that tend to block progress.

Get to know some of our key players

Aki is an entrepreneur, strategist and batteries included health transformer.

Aki Koivistoinen

Ambassador, StartUp Health Inc

Lauri Kuronen has over 10 years of experience in early-stage Health, Life Science and MedTech companies and helping them to develop their business.

Lauri Kuronen

Key Account Manager, VEIL.AI Oy

Health economics expert in cost-effectiveness, market access, and Real-World Evidence (RWE).

Erkki Soini

CEO, ESiOR Oy and chairman of the board, Kuopio Health

Social and healthcare professional, development manager and doctoral researcher.

Kaisa Pesonen

Development Manager, Wellbeing services county of South Karelia​​

Miikka Kiiski works as an Account Executive and senior consultant within the healthcare industry at CGI in Finland.

Miikka Kiiski

Account Executive, CGI

Antti Väänänen is a Senior scientist and project manager at the VTT Health data analytics team.

Antti Väänänen

Senior Scientist, Health data analytics, VTT

Anne Patana, Ph.D., has extensive and diverse work experience in both public and private sectors.

Anne Patana

Head of Development, Helsinki Brain & Mind, Neurocenter Finland

Nadia’s focus area is improving the research ecosystem in Finland.

Nadia Tamminen

Research and Innovation director, Pharma Industry Finland

Jussi leads the Bittium Veturi Ecosystem establishment and development with a strong emphasis on the new technology research.

Jussi Särkkä

Director, Ecosystem Development & Research, Bittium

Catharina Östberg has 30 years of experience of Clinical Trials from a Pharma Industry perspective.

Catharina Östberg

Head of Site Management Nordics, Clinical Operations, Bayer

Essi has over 30 years of experience of clinical trials and cumulated knowhow of regulatory affairs in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrition.

Essi Sarkkinen

PhD (Clinical Nutrition), Adjuct Professor (UEF)

Tatu joined Gesund Partners 2 years ago to be a hands-on actor in the historical social and health care reform.

Tatu Laurila

Strategy Director and Partner at Gesund Partners

Teemu leads product development for analytics tools at Duodecim, currently focused on Population Health Management.

Teemu Niskanen

Product Manager, Duodecim

Juha do have decades of research experience related to medical physics.

Juha Töyräs

PhD, Director of Research and Innovation, Wellbeing Services County of North Savo

Nelson is a senior scientist in the computational biology and modeling unit within the Digital Medicine organization at Orion Pharma in Finland.

Nelson Kibinge

Computational Biologist at Orion Pharma

What's in store on a seminar day 21.8.?

Clinical trials

Health & data analysis

Digital & Industrial solutions

SESSION 1: Clinical Trials – How to Match Supply with Demand (Minna stage)

8.30-9.00 Coffee and registration

09.00-09.05 Welcome, Eero Rissanen, Neurocenter Finland and Essi Sarkkinen, Medfiles

09.05-09.25 Ecosystems in Clinical Research, Nadia Tamminen, Pharma Industry Finland

09.25-09.45 Clinical Research Is the Basis of Efficient Wellbeing Services County, Juha Töyräs, PhD, Director of Research and Innovation, Wellbeing Services County of North Savo / Kuopio University Hospital

09.45-10.00 Break

10.00-10.20 Clinical trials in stroke: Pharma point of view, Catharina Östberg, Bayer AG

10.20-10.40 Clinical trials in stroke: Clinic investigator perspective, Jukka Putaala, Hospital Distrcit of Helsinki and Uusimaa

10.40-11.00 New clinical trial regulation and CTIS submission portal-Investigator,are you ready for GCP trials and new portal? Essi Sarkkinen, Medfiles Ltd.

11.00-11.20 National initiatives to enhance matchmaking in clinical trials, Eero Rissanen, Neurocenter Finland

11.20-11.40 Trial Nation-experience from Denmark on nationally coordinated clinical trials collaboration, Marianne Pilgaard, Trial Nation

11.40-12.00 Moderated panel discussion and questions from the audience

12.00-13.00 Lunch


SESSION 2: Health & data analysis (Maria stage)

13.00-13.10 Welcome, Tatu Laurila, Gesund Partners

13.10-13.40 Health data and AI utilization in Finnish pharma research ecosystem, Nelson Kibinge, Orion

13.40-14.00 Increasing the value of outcomes for stakeholders with value-based care, Erkki Soini, ESiOR

14.00-14.20 From health data analytics to predictive health solutions, Antti Väänänen, VTT

14.20-14.40 Next-generation anonymization technology – New opportunities for secondary of use of health data, Lauri Kuronen, VEIL.AI

14.40-15.00 We have data, but what to do with it? Using analytics tools for chronic disease prevention, Teemu Niskanen, Duodecim

15.00-15.25 Coffee break


SESSION 3: Digital & Industrial solutions (Maria stage)

15.25-15.30 Welcome, Antti Näykki, Bittium

15.30-15.50 Brain health through digitalisation, Anne Patana, Helsinki Brain & Mind

15.50-16.10 Data-based solutions and AI in the demand and supply of social and health care customer management solutions: Value drivers from co-creation and testing process, Kaisa Pesonen, Wellbeing services county of South Karelia

16.10-16.30 Future digital solution in health sector, Aki Koivistoinen, StartUp Health Inc

16.30-16.50 Bittium–Leading company–Seamless and secure connectivity program, Jussi Särkkä, Bittium

16.50-17.10 AI Head Analysis algorithm platform detecting cerebral haemorrhages, Miikka Kiiski, CGI

17.10-17.15 Closing the event, Erkki Soini, Chairman of the board, Kuopio Health

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