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Marginum aims to improve the outcome and cost-effectiveness of cancer surgery with novel fluorescence-based optical tissue monitoring technology.  The company completed its seed funding round by raising private capital from Almaral, Nostetta Ventures, Redstone and a group of individual investors, coupled with Business Finland R&D loan.

Marginum’s solution empowers surgeons with fast and reliable information about tumour tissues. Accurate identification of tumours and distinguishing them from healthy tissues during cancer surgery is a critical challenge faced by surgeons globally. With an ageing population and the projected 55 % increase in global cancer incidence by 2040, there will be over 20 million cancer patients each year in need of surgery.

The company is dedicated to improving patient safety and surgical performance without compromising the pre-existent workflow. The technology enables surgeons to verify whether or not a resected area included tumour in near real-time. This is expected to translate to more informed and targeted resections; therefore decreasing reoperations and adverse effects.

”Our tissue monitoring solution is the first-of-its-kind objective tumour detection platform. It integrates into current workflows and is unhindered by visual obstructions. The acquired seed funding enables us to finalise the development of our first product and positions the company well for market entry. This is a significant milestone”, says Marginum CEO Samu Lehtonen, medical doctor and engineer.

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