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We’re Kuopio Health. 

Kuopio Health is an ever-growing, international community of entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, educational, medical and governmental experts who are dedicated to working together towards discovering and accelerating relevant ideas based on pressing human needs and ultimately transforming them into viable commercial applications.

Knowledge, experience, and data guide us, but the driving forces behind Kuopio Health are our shared goal of advancing global health and wellness, our diverse team of experts, our ability to connect across a variety of disciplines, and the dedication and willing contribution made by each of our community members. 

While our entrepreneurial community has a global focus, our local network is rich in education, research, training, and business development. Together they create tremendously supportive resources that facilitate our efforts in Finland and around the world. We are also fortunate to work amidst the ever-present natural beauty of the Kuopio region which we believe fosters a connection to our planet, and a culture of health, collaboration and co-innovation.


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The Health Ecosystem Mapping is a project created and developed by Upgraded.



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Health Tuesday: Digitally Supported Wellbeing

Health Tuesday: Digitally Supported Wellbeing

Welcome to the first Health Tuesday in 2023. In February we are introducing three cases that represent different aspects of the field of digitally supported wellbeing. This sector covers several topics such as mental wellbeing, corporate wellness, fitness and many more.

#Business Finland #healthtuesday
Welcome to the Kuopio Health side event at Tahko Ski Lift Pitch on April 12th

Welcome to the Kuopio Health side event at Tahko Ski Lift Pitch on April 12th

Kuopio Health side event brings startups and investors together and offers an opportunity to network and gain new contacts, related to health and wellbeing topics.

#Tahko Ski Lift Pitch
13.6.2023 - 15.6.2023
Radical Health Festival Helsinki

Radical Health Festival Helsinki

Radical Health Festival Helsinki, is a new pan-European event where international key players in digital health will come together to create one of the largest health markets across: AI, cyber, innovation, mental health, climate health, active aging, telehealth, and digital maturity.

#digitalhealth #radicalhealthfestival

We are members in ECHAlliance

European Connected Health Alliance -community gathers 700+ member organisations and 16,500+ experts.


Kuopio Health has been approved as part of the ECCP – European Cluster Collaboration Platform cluster database

Belonging to the European health cluster enables international visibility for Kuopio Health members.


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