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Kuopio Health side event @Tahko SLP brings health startups, entrepreneurs, professionals R2Bs and investors to the same table. The event offers an invaluable platform for networking, bringing together a diverse array of professionals who share a common interest, health.

Kuopio Health is an ever-growing, international community of entrepreneurs, seasoned business professionals, educational, medical and governmental experts who are dedicated to working together towards discovering and accelerating relevant ideas based on pressing human needs and ultimately transforming them into viable commercial applications.

While our approach is built on three pillars – insight, collaboration and contribution – the heart of the ecosystem is the multidisciplinary joint venture, Kuopio Health Co-op. itself, which consists of entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, and educational, medical, and governmental experts who have a thirst for solving the world’s vital health problems.

Kuopio Health aims to generate inspiring opportunities for new ideas and innovations, provide experts in the field of health and nutrition with opportunities for success, and communicate about excellence in the Kuopio region. Advancing health and wellbeing, not only locally but also globally, are our core activities. We create a framework for implementing joint development projects and organize versatile events and training.

”Kuopio Health’s vision is to create a thriving innovation ecosystem that is dynamic and flexible with an active alliance of public and private organizations. We believe that the actions we take together enable us and the communities around us to solve the challenges that are already influencing our lives and, as a result, our future. This is what we also want to implement in this event”, says Aki Gröhn, CEO of Kuopio Health.

A nexus for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and professionals

”In the Kuopio Health side event @Tahko SLP, we want to enable health startups, entrepreneurs, professionals R2Bs and investors to meet in a relaxed and open atmosphere. For us, Tahko Ski Lift Pitch is a very important partner and of course, it is the most significant pitching event in the Eastern Finland area. This event is also a great opportunity to bring our ecosystem and health themes up, in particular, when society is more than ever facing social and welfare challenges. We hope that there is a low threshold to participate in this event and that the participants will find new contacts and openings for the future. We also wish that the Kuopio Health side event could foster networking opportunities and facilitate investor-startup connections”, Aki says.

”Our core function is to operate as a platform for inspiring opportunities, new ideas, and innovations, and provide experts in the field of health and nutrition with opportunities for success and communicate about excellence in the Kuopio region. Our side event is a touchpoint that brings together a diverse array of professionals who share a common interest. Entrepreneurs and startups gain access to our rich ecosystem of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and idea exchange. You can leverage these opportunities to learn from the experiences of others and potentially find synergies that lead to groundbreaking collaborations. The event can also act as a bridge, connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and angel investors”, ends Aki.

”Tahko SLP is a great event for a startup to network with investors, other startups and other supporters. The competition itself provides an opportunity to practice the pitch, present, and get valuable feedback. The health-themed side event last year gave an easy approach to talk with the investors as well as hear their stories and focus areas. Looking forward to this year’s event and most importantly the people!” tells Antti Kotimaa, CCO of Sonai Health Oy.

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