Kuopio Health offers multidiciplinary services for co-op partners and other actors.

Our committed network supports wide profile of professionals to enhance growth and success. We bring companies, researchers, business and end-users at the same table, nationally and globally.

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Events & Workshops

We organize meetings, workshops and events in cooperation with our local, national and international networks. Events aimed at Kuopio Health members can be, for example, various trainings or brainstorming sessions. We also offer open events. You can find out about upcoming events on the Events page.

Cooperation and network development are at the heart of Kuopio Health. Events and workshops are a great way to make new contacts.

As a community, we are more than an individual: We promote the development of an open culture of innovation.

Please contact us if you have an idea or wish – Let’s do more together.

Project arrangement & team facilities

Projects can be used to develop something important to your company or community and to activate people socially. There is always an idea or innovation behind a project. We are involved in preparing projects from the idea to the study of project configurations.

Project planning is very important for its success. Planning can include the following challenges, among others:

  • scheduling and project management
  • team building
  • funding

Kuopio Health helps with all project planning challenges with experience and support from the network. Please contact us if you have an idea for a regional, national or international project – Build a successful team together.

Visits & Network builders

We promote cooperation between experts and networks. We organize visits to our network, our member companies and to present the know-how of our ecosystem. We also take the expertise of our networks to events elsewhere. We bring expertise to our network and make it available.

Through visits, expertise is not only left in one place, but knowledge of services and know-how is spread elsewhere. A member of Kuopio Health’s resources is interdisciplinary, which enables co-operation between different fields.

We facilitate visits and networking events customized upon request. When You need to develop Your business – Let’s find the key players for growth.


Ecosystem Marketing

With the help of Kuopio Health’s membership, you can present your company alongside other factors operating in the health sector. We make our member companies impressively visible and available on our networks. Our goal is to take our know-how to the world!

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