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“Once you’ve combined process and quality data, you’ll see where any problems occur in the process. It’s knowledge management at its best.”

Wointi makes healthcare impacts visible

Healthcare demands are growing and challenges related to scarce resources are expected to emerge in the future. Wointi Oy was founded to solve this challenge. According to the company’s CEO, Jorma Winter, the aim is to improve the management and impact of healthcare. The service includes three digital applications aimed at healthcare management, healthcare personnel and the general public.

Jorma Winter
App that reveals causal relationships

According to Winter, the company’s most important product is an app that examines the impacts of activities. The app is used to create a healthcare process, and determine related responsibilities, schedules, interventions and goals. In this context, users also define what to do if the goal is not reached.

– The starting point is to join operative activities with quality and performance data and to discover the causal relationship between them. Once you’ve combined process and quality data, you’ll see where any problems occur in the process. It’s knowledge management at its best, Winter describes.

He emphasises that the system provides real-time data as the data is updated every day. The accumulated data also enables preventive work and discovering individuals at risk of developing an illness.

The system also includes an app for healthcare professionals which provides professionals with instructions for individual care situations in line with the care path and allows examining the impacts of care on the clients that each unit is treating.

Meanwhile, the application aimed at the general public includes self-care instructions and a list of service providers that can help users make healthier lifestyle choices as needed. The company utilises the data provided by the user’s personal activity or collected using a sensor in accordance with the GDPR framework and aims to identify the role these factors play in the effectiveness of treatments and services.

Particular support for newly established companies

The company was established in 2019 and currently employs 16 people. Negotiations are underway on testing the application. The aim is to first create a new care path for diabetes treatment.

Kuopio Health provided a natural entry point for Wointi to get involved in ecosystem activities.

– Kuopio Health has a strong vision for research, product development and impacts. Together, we can develop business activities and I believe that we can contribute to this discussion.

He believes that the Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem can bring many benefits to newly founded companies.

For example, new companies will particularly benefit from quicker entry into the market enabled by ecosystem cooperation and the sharing of knowledge and competence related to topics such as funding models or passing regulatory requirements.

Winter also points out that the innovation ecosystem has companies at various stages of their life cycle. Winter finds it important that newly founded companies receive support for attracting seed capital and developing health tech products in genuine environments.

– Public organisations could serve as product development environments more easily than before. This would accelerate the emergence of innovations and would also yield profits from exports, he says.

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