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“I’m personally highly interested in various healthcare projects even if they don’t directly benefit our business. After all, you never know what the collaboration might bring.” Nina Puruskainen, CEO, Pointsi Oy

Staff leasing improves capacity and performance in the health and social services sector

Although new technology is constantly developed for healthcare, nurses continue to be the most important resource in healthcare.

– The health and social services sector is so badly affected by staff shortages that managers in the Helsinki metropolitan area spend most of their time trying to scrape together enough employees. We offer our help to make sure they’ll find the necessary staff. This significantly helps the work of healthcare units, explains Nina Puruskainen, CEO of the Pointsi Oy staff leasing firm.

Pointsi started its operations in August 2021. At the beginning of 2020, the company had an around 15-person team of social and healthcare professionals in Joensuu. The company also leases the work input of around half a dozen IT project managers. Its third operating area is sales, strategy and change management services for clients.

Pointsi has also recently started collaborating with CSI Composite Solutions and Innovations, and Puruskainen believes that the use of composite in product development in healthcare is a rapidly growing area.

The company’s future goal is to expand its sphere of operations as necessary.

– We’re still a small company and will be able to offer our tailored staff leasing services more flexibly. In practice, we collaborate closely with client companies and constantly develop our activities based on feedback, Nina Puruskainen explains.

Nina Puruskainen and Marko Puruskainen

Developing a platform together

Pointsi learned about the activities of the Kuopio Health open innovation ecosystem through Aki Gröhn, the CEO of Kuopio Health and former business partner of Sales Director Marko Puruskainen.

The company was interested in the networking opportunities brought by the ecosystem and the environment that matches the company’s objectives. In the future, the company is also looking to expand its operations to the Kuopio region.

A further aim is to generate new ideas for the company’s operations.

– I’m personally highly interested in various healthcare projects even if they don’t directly benefit our business. After all, you never know what the collaboration might bring, reflects Nina Puruskainen, who has decades of experience in healthcare.

Pointsi’s operations bring together know-how about the social and healthcare sector and IT. Marko Puruskainen estimates that Kuopio Health could also help the company find a suitable network for constructing a digital platform, which would help in finding leased employees for temporary positions.

– I’ve noticed that the systems currently used in the health and social services sector do not offer a smooth user experience. I believe that there is demand for this kind of a platform and it will enable us to provide our services nationwide at least, he says.

New things emerge as industries collide

Both entrepreneurs believe in developing cooperation between different industries and utilising experiences gathered from them will help generate new innovations in Kuopio Health.

Pointsi’s experiences in Kuopio Health activities are still rather new and so far only based on remote meetings. Nevertheless, the company has also exchanged its first emails with other members and spotted its first potential partners. This is a good place to start.

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