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“A trustworthy community of friendship companies that all represent the health industry and where we all wish for great things to happen to one another.”

Movet diagnostic laboratory is making headway on its growth path

Movet Oy is a diagnostic laboratory from Kuopio, Finland, providing its services to everyone working animals or spending time with them during their leisure time. The company’s customers include veterinarians, farmers, research organisations and pet owners. 

The customers come from around Finland, and laboratory samples are delivered by mail to the company’s laboratory located in Kuopio.  

Movet has been operating since 2008 and currently employs 25 people. 

“We are a strongly growing company, and our goal is to keep growing and developing further. We aim to increase automation and our scope of operation, and also want to expand our activities to the international market, says Tiina Rovio, Service Manager at the company.

Movet’s development activities are based on customer services and customer experience. The aim is to be a laboratory that is as easy to use as possible from a customer perspective.

Tiina Rovio


Entering the international market together

The company’s plans of entering the international market are one of the reasons why Movet has chosen to become part of the Kuopio Health open innovation system. According to Tiina Rovio, the company is interested in being part of the network that involves sharing and enhancing competence. 

“A trustworthy community of friendship companies that all represent the health industry and where we all wish for great things to happen to one another,” she envisions.

While the company is also interested in the experiences of those companies that are already operating in the international market, there is also an idea that it will be easier to enter the international market together with others. 

A shared intranet would be useful

Movet has been an active member of the ecosystem, and the company’s CEO, Ann-Marie Määttä, has been an influential figure in the ecosystem’s board ever since its establishment.

“We hope that there will be concrete actions. Corporate members are busy, and we do not have an endless amount of time if the collaborative fails to take measures,” Tiina Rovio says.

One of the concrete things that Movet wishes would happen soon would involve setting up a joint communication channel or intranet to the network members. It would enable each company to share their needs and wishes. 

“I don’t feel that the member companies know each other well enough yet. The cooperation must be built on closer familiarisation and knowledge of what we can do together,” Rovio points out.

Once we get to know the other companies and the people working in them, it may be easy to come up with a solution when encountering a problem. The wider our networks, the more likely we are to find the exact right kind of help.

The same communication channel could also be used to provide information about ideas and joint training, equipment or events.

As the cooperation becomes stronger, Rovio notes that Kuopio Health could create an appealing image of a strong unit that you should turn to and are better off belonging to.

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