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“Our growth potential is in the global market, and none of us have what it takes to enter it on our own. Once we build this ecosystem and join our competencies, we will be able to achieve much greater impacts.”

Kasve aims at the global market together

Mikko Juuti, the CEO of Kasve, is excited about developing the operations of the Kuopio Health ecosystem. He perceives vast opportunities in the activities. 

– We must be able to solve our clients’ global needs on the world market instead of limiting ourselves to doing our thing at the local level. Our growth potential is in the global market, and none of us have what it takes to enter it on our own. Once we build this ecosystem and join our competencies, we will be able to achieve much greater impacts, Juuti reminds us.

He feels there is a bunch of challenges at the local level and good reason to solve them: the accessibility of the Kuopio region may be considered problematic, the area could have more visibility and while the work of local operators has been of high quality, it has been rather fragmented.

According to Juuti, there is only one solution for this – doing things together. We need an operating culture that brings together local companies, public organisations and educational institutions in a way that appears as unified activities to outsiders.

– I strongly believe that, in this case, one plus one is much more than two. Together, two can even reach five, Juuti emphasises.

Kasve Oy
Helping companies in the health sector grow

Kasve Oy is a company from Kuopio, Finland producing specialist services and digital solutions established in 2012.

Kasve provides companies in the health sector with services related, among other things, quality management systems, application lifecycle management, cyber security and usability. Kasve employs slightly over ten people.

– We are a highly specialised company with strong expertise in business activities. I believe that we are able to provide Finnish and international health technology companies with better means to manage their regulative environments from product development to achieving market success, Mikko Juuti explains. 

Kasve has introduced its own technology, QAiRa, which helps companies manage regulations concerning medicinal devices. Commercialising the solution while achieving business growth are among Kasve’s focus areas for the coming year.

The work is off to a great start – now it’s time to press ahead

Mikko Juuti estimates that Kasve has a lot to offer to the ecosystem activities in proportion to the company’s size. The company is ready to start building solutions to global challenges in collaboration. 

Juuti finds that the work completed thus far has been good. Now, it is time to get going full steam ahead. 

– When there are enough people willing to cooperate in a new way, new things emerge, Juuti highlights.

This requires building collaboration from a new basis. Projects must be based on competence, ideas and innovations produced by everyone involved. This requires changing the working approach from fragmented projects to progressing a single, major vision through projects. Such an approach will provide everyone involved with access to the operators’ competence, and collaboration will occur on a daily, rather than monthly, basis.

Nevertheless, Juuti is aware that adopting a new open innovation ecosystem mindset may be challenging.

– It requires you to have a brand new mindset. This is easier to define when you are dealing with a vision, but takes strong leadership at the practical level. That is what we are expecting from Kuopio Health. We need a good manager who runs the team and makes sure we play well together. This will enable us to progress from the local league to the global champions league, he says.

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