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ESiOR OY – a health economics and outcomes research expert company – along with University Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland Pharmacy, and biopharma company UCB Pharma Oy Finland studied Finnish epilepsy patients and their close relations’ epilepsy awareness and treatment satisfaction. As far as we know, these aspects have not been studied in Finland before. The survey responders were recruited at University Pharmacy and University of Eastern Finland Pharmacy. 388 patient and close relation responses were analysed in the study. The core results of the study are published in the most recent issue of the Finnish pharmaceutical journal Dosis (3/2022).

The study revealed many interesting discoveries. For instance, about half of the patients and their close relations felt that the patients knew enough about their condition. Almost as many responders would have liked to know more about epilepsy and its treatment options. Understanding their condition and its treatment is crucial as the patient often wishes to take part in decisions about their drug therapy. According to roughly half of the patients, their individual needs and situation were considered very much or to some extent in their epilepsy management, whereas the rest felt the opposite. However, over 90 per cent of the patients were satisfied with their anti-seizure management and their treating physician. Self-reported adherence was high.

According to the study, treatment satisfaction was associated with many aspects, such as satisfaction with the physician, reluctance to change medication, understanding the condition, and participating in some medication decisions. The patients also valued a continuous patient-physician relationship, as well as their individual needs being considered and not having to ‘learn to live with’ adverse events.

ESiOR Oy expresses its deepest gratitude to each and every responder and collaboration partner, who made this study possible.

Link to the article: https://dosis.fi/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/290-325_Dosis_3-22_Soini.pdf


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