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New member in Kuopio Health co-op.

Kuopio Health co-op. team got new Communication Coordinator on October when Marja-Terttu Nyman-Lappalainen started her new position. Marja-Terttu has experience in communications, content creation and business development.

”With me I bring expertise especially from event branch and content production. I also hold Master’s degree on business administration in context from innovation management.”

”I have especially focused on media creation by means of storytelling and been developing communications in digital channels. People often tend to think that stories are only for children, but we actually face them every day in news and social media posts. By stories we can pass information on much more understandable and relatable way. I am very excited about the possibility to be part of Kuopio Health team. Already now I can see how exceptional research and companies we have in our ecosystem, and how much potential they embed.”


Additional information:
Aki Gröhn, CEO, Kuopio Health Co-op.
Tel. +358 50 403 7540, aki.grohn(at)kuopiohealth.fi


Kuopio Health Co-operative is established in 2019. It is committed to forward know-how of wellbeing, health technology and food industry. Kuopio Health will also promote awareness of research, business life and health sector. Co-op. is  dedicated to working together towards discovering and accelerating relevant ideas based on pressing human needs and ultimately transforming them into viable commercial applications.