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Welcome to develop a unique ecosystem of well-being, nutrition and health technology!

We are looking for an efficient and performance-oriented development manager to promote the growth and development goals of companies, create effective research and development activities together with an extensive network, and develop Savilahti into Europe’s most interesting innovation environment for health and well-being solutions.

You have a solid experience in the practical development, design and management of networks between research institutes and companies. You have a suitable university degree and you familiar with the different actors in the area. You communicate fluently in Finnish and English. You enjoy developing new solutions and you have an ability to keep things in order. You know how to hold the threads in your hands and aren’t afraid to take responsibility. You get things done.

As a development manager, you are responsible for Kuopio Health’s project activities and their effectiveness. You actively participate in the activities and development of practices of the regional network. You work closely with other actors in the region in building more effective collaboration between different organizations.

If you are interested and you identify yourself with the description above, please submit your application with your salary wishes and CV on 26.09. to info@kuopiohealth.fi.

Additional information: Aki Gröhn, President and CEO, tel. +358 50 403 7540



Kuopio Health Osk. is committed to promoting well-being, food and health technology know-how, research, business and health awareness. Kuopio Health promotes development, research and innovation based on the needs of its members and customers, and serves as a platform for new products and services.

Kuopio Health operates on a model of open innovation, in which the public sector, academia, business and end users bring new solutions to society’s needs. We provide excellent healthcare expertise, training, an operating environment and a business network for domestic and international health technology companies and innovators.