Venue: Hub Panostamo, Microkatu 1, L-building, 4th floor Organizer: Kuopio Health Co-op. Date: 16.05.2023 Time: 09:00 - 11:15

A joint meeting of Kuopio Health’s working groups with the theme members on stage. Several new member companies joined Kuopio Health at the end of last year and now at the beginning of the year. In addition, there are currently half a dozen applications waiting to be processed by the KH board.

A longer time has passed since the last time the members were able to tell each other about their activities and also about the things that Kuopio Health wants to promote or achieve through the cooperative’s activities, the membership and the cooperation with the members. Now is a good chance!

You can get the most out of the opportunity by arriving on-site. Participation and presentation of your member company/organization can also be done remotely via Google Meet.

The event can accommodate 15-20 presentations. When registering, please indicate whether you want to reserve a time slot for the presentation. This makes scheduling easier. If more people are willing than can be accepted into the program, another event will be held in June.

09.00-09.15 Organization and morning coffees
09.15-09.20 Welcome and Kuopio Health news! Erkki and Aki
09.20-10.20 Presentations N (5-7min)
10.20-10.30 Break
10.30-11.10 Presentations (5-7min)
11.10-11.15 Ending event, Erkki

The working group is targeted at members of Kuopio Health, but if you are interested in the group’s activities, please contact: aki.grohn(at)

Arrival instructions for Panostamo: The facilities are located in KPY Novapolis (Microkatu 1) on the fourth floor of the L-building. The easiest way to find the place is through the K/L door. Lift to the fourth floor and through the glass door to the right.

There is a paid parking space in the courtyard.