Venue: Hub Panostamo, Microkatu 1, L-building, 4th floor Organizer: Kuopio Health Co-op. Date: 22.11.2023 Time: 14:00 - 17:00

🧉 Joint hybrid meeting of the health and well-being data working group and the cooperation group of companies and RDI organizations at Hub Panostamo. Theme for the meeting is Digi-HTA. 


14.00-14.15 Welcome (Erkki Soini, ESiOR Ltd. and Mikko Juuti, Kasve Ltd.)
14.15-14.45 DIGA (Dr. Barbara Höfgen, Head of the unit Digital Health and Nursing Applications, BfArM), presentation 20 min+10 min discussion
14.45-15.15 Digi-HTA (Jari Haverinen, FinCCHTA), presentation 20 min+10 min discussion
15.15-15.35 Orla DTx Ltd. (Oskari Koskimies), presentation 15 min+5 min discussion
15.35-15.55 Evondos Ltd. (Mika Apell or Mikko Hyle), presentation 15 min+5 min discussion
15:55-16:00 Wrap up & Next Steps (Erkki and Mikko)
16:00-17:00 Networking with mulled wine and gingerbread 🍪

The working group is targeted at members of Kuopio Health, but if you are interested in the group’s activities, please contact: aki.grohn(at)

Arrival instructions for Panostamo: The facilities are located in KPY Novapolis (Microkatu 1) on the fourth floor of the L-building. The easiest way to find the place is through the K/L door. Lift to the fourth floor and through the glass door to the right.

There is a paid parking space in the courtyard.