Paikka: Onsite and Online Järjestäjä: Swiss Medtech Päivämäärä: 8.9.2021 - 15.9.2021 Kotisivu:

Finland is invited to participate in Swiss Medtech Day 2021 as a guest country, to present the Finnish way of digitalization in the public and private healthcare sector.

The Swiss MedTech Day 2021 agenda has two parts:

  • Part 1 held on September 8: One-day physical event held in Bern, Switzerland
  • Part 2 held on September 9-15: Online long-term matchmaking opportunity with companies from the Swiss medical technology sector on the b2match event platform.

Physical participation in the first part of the event on September 8 is possible according to current information but Finnish companies are recommended to participate only in the second part of the event, the online matchmaking on September 9-15.

The event is targeted for Finnish companies offering innovative contract manufacturing and different digital solutions for healthcare sector and MedTech partners. Participation in the event offers Finnish companies the opportunity to connect with suppliers and experts, service providers, manufacturers and distributors from the Swiss MedTech sector.