Paikka: Virtual webinar Järjestäjä: Kuopion Alueen Kauppakamari Päivämäärä: 19.11.2020 Kotisivu:

November 19th


Keynote Aapo Bovellan, Proxy.
The Good News.
Startup Hub.
My goodbyes! (This is the last Ski Academy I’m producing…)

Aapo Bovellan, Proxy
Founding Partner • Creative Director
How is the story of a brand created? How is this story visible? Aapo is responsible for creating over 50 brands and he has invested for 30 startups. Examples for his works are Supercell, Oura, Yousician, Swappie, PAPTIC and Metacore. In his presentation we will hear the creative process of Proxy with case examples, starting from the brand story and inventing the name, heading to the visible identity that is telling the brand story.

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