Paikka: Online Järjestäjä: Health 100 Upgraded Päivämäärä: 07.10.2020

Health100 is an interactive event with the spirit of an unconference. The main focus of the event is the cover-19 outbreak and the changes it brought to the Global Health. All attendees will have a chance to bring something to the table for the cover-19 discussion.

Event is here to connect people of Health and co-create new solutions together!

The program will consist of the following parts:

– 3 keynotes,
– 1 panel discussion,
– 3 hours of round-tables (10 different topics per hour = total of 30 topics),
– Direct matchmaking,
– Random networking in a virtual “coffee room”.

Topics for the round-tables will be suggested and voted-for by YOU and other attendees in advance.


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