Paikka: Virtual webinar Järjestäjä: Business Center Päivämäärä: 10.11.2020 Aika: 08:15 - 09:15 Kotisivu:

Welcome to start your morning with our virtual morning coffee on 
November 10, 2020 at 8:15 – 9:15!

Have you ever thought that there is a huge amount of expertise just next door to you? There are more than 15.000 people working in the Savilahti area in Kuopio.

Our morning coffee offers you a short insight into the Savilahti ecosystems, e.g. Digicenter North Savo, Kuopio Health and Kuopio Living Lab, and a great opportunity to network with experts in your own field. Our guests this time are Marko Jäntti from Digicenter North SavoAki Gröhn,from Kuopio Health and Tiina Arpola from Kuopio Living Lab.


Register here & come enjoy a moment with us! We’ll send you the link before the date.