Paikka: Kuopio Järjestäjä: SnellmanEDU and Neuro-Innovation PhD Programme, University of Eastern Finland Päivämäärä: 17.6.2024 - 18.6.2024 Kotisivu:

Huomioithan, että tämän tiedeleirin opetuskieli on englanti. The language of instruction at the camp is English.

Tervetuloa tutustumaan aivoterveyteen, neurotieteisiin ja terveysteknologiaan! Tämän leirin opettajina toimivat Itä-Suomen yliopiston kansainvälisen Neuro-Innovation -tohtoriohjelman tutkijat. Leirin tiedeopetus tapahtuu englanniksi, mutta leirin ohjaajat puhuvat myös suomea.

Ever wondered what makes you, you? How does the mind work? Why is it that you can remember your name, address, or your birthday date but are unable to remember a formula in the math test? How can we improve brain health using technology? Join us in exploring “The Human Mind”!

We delve deep into the brain, a fascinating human machine. The participants will receive a hands-on introduction to the brain’s parts and their functions using microscopes and various activities. Through engaging sessions, they will learn how the brain works and get acquainted with memory disorders and their symptoms through fun memory games.

By participating in this brain health camp, you will learn the techniques used to study the brain, like imaging and be introduced to digital health technology. Interactive demos of devices used to monitor brain activities and track patients with brain diseases will give participants hands-on experience.

The goal is to use hands-on practical sessions to teach children about brain health, creating a foundation upon which they can glimpse into the astonishing world of Neuroscience. Perhaps this could inspire them to choose neuroscience as a future career path.

Welcome to the journey to the mind!

The camp is organised in cooperation with the Neuro-Innovation PhD Programme, University of Eastern Finland. The teachers of the camp are researchers from the programme.