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In an exciting development for respiratory healthcare, Medikro and Trudell Medical International (TMI) are proud to announce a new distribution agreement. This partnership will introduce the Aerobika* OPEP Device, a drug-free respiratory therapy, to patients in Finland and Sweden.

With COPD being a leading cause of death worldwide and a significant healthcare expenditure in the EU, Medikro’s established presence in the spirometry field is now complemented by TMI’s innovative treatment devices. The Aerobika* OPEP Device uses oscillatory positive expiratory pressure to assist patients in clearing excess mucus from their lungs, improving their breathing capacity.

Jani Timonen, Head of Product at Medikro, celebrates this alliance, “Our partnership with TMI is a natural union of our mutual dedication to advancing lung health. We are thrilled to add a therapeutic dimension to our offerings and look forward to setting new standards in respiratory care together.”

Cesar Lopez Moreno of TMI shares the enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with Medikro allows us to bring our technology to a wider audience, helping to improve the lives of those struggling with respiratory conditions.”