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“It would be great if we could get involved in designing products with emphasis on sales and marketing, using client needs as our starting point.” 

Vireum provides services related to artificial intelligence

Vireum started as a spinoff of a software company. Initially, its aim was the commercialisation of a remote appointment service platform. The company changed its operating model in early 2020. Now Vireum also provides its client companies with digitalisation solutions, AI applications, and various e-commerce solutions.

Vireum currently employs two employees and the company’s six shareholders are also closely involved in its practical operations. 

The company’s CEO, Antti Väänänen, explains that the company is also currently seeking funding and partners for developing an AI distribution platform. 

– Our aim is to provide companies with easy access to AI-related specialist services, methods and algorithms. We would offer consultation, software development or ready-made components utilising AI. The platform would not only include Vireum’s specialists but could be joined by any company providing AI solutions, Väänänen says.

Antti Väänänen
Others can also benefit from AI

Antti Väänänen assesses that expertise in AI is the exact additional value that Vireum can bring to the Kuopio Health ecosystem. 

– We can serve as an expert body if there are projects or joint activities that could benefit from solutions developed in the field.

Although Vireum has strong experience in creating software solutions for the health industry, Väänänen emphasises that the company’s operations are not limited to only one sector.

– A wide variety of industries can benefit from machine vision and machine learning solutions, he points out. 

Joint sales and marketing?

Vireum has been involved in the Kuopio Health activities right from the start. According to Antti Väänänen, Kuopio Health has provided the company with visibility as a specialist, among other things. Most recently, the company presented its healthcare AI solutions in the Terkko Talks series. 

Väänänen considers whether Kuopio Health could help startups with their marketing to accelerate the process of bringing products to customers.

– Many startups have good ideas and products, but often struggle when it comes to sales and marketing. It would be great to have a marketing arena that would enable us to advertise and sell our products and services. 

Väänänen points out that this would help many companies avoid having to hire their own sales manager and marketing specialist. The innovation ecosystem could create an opportunity for jointly marketing top products in the industry, which could also enable designing the entire product process from a new perspective instead of using the traditional, engineer-led approach.

– It would be great if we could get involved in designing products with an emphasis on sales and marketing, using client needs as our starting point. 

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