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“In the ideal situation, companies get to recruit experts who are increasingly well-equipped to serve in various positions in health tech.”

Medikro wishes to promote the education of experts 

Medikro, a company producing systems needed in diagnosing and treating pulmonary illnesses, wishes to use its membership in Kuopio Health to influence education. Its aim is to ensure that health tech companies find increasingly qualified professionals. 

“It is important to develop the content and specialisation options of different degree programmes to ensure that they will respond to the future needs of health tech organisations even better,” says Jani Timonen, Head of Product at Medicro.

He emphasises that the content of education in fields such as software design should keep up with the times and be based on the needs of the near future. Responding to today’s needs is not enough. 

The second example presented by Timonen is concerned with the regulative side of things. There is a constantly growing need for related understanding, as the demands of the authorities are becoming increasingly strict. In the ideal situation, companies get to recruit experts who are increasingly well-equipped to serve in various positions in health tech.

Jani Timonen
Expert in pulmonary diagnostics

Medikro is a company from Kuopio, Finland, manufacturing medical systems used to measure lung function. The devices are primarily used in the diagnosis and treatment path of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Products manufactured under the Medikro brand are sold worldwide. The products are also sold to industry partners to be integrated into their systems. 

The company employs around thirty people and its product range includes measurement devices using the company’s own software and products related to the measurement devices.

Jani Timonen explains that the company’s objective is to support patients with pulmonary diseases throughout their treatment path in the future. It would be good to screen for diseases at an earlier stage and to also provide people with tools for living a life that is as balanced as possible despite having a pulmonary disease.

Glad to help others

Medikro is one of the founding members of the open Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem. As a member, the company wishes to promote local activities, networking and companies getting to know one another. 

Jani Timonen believes that the decades of experience that Medikro has will help the other members of the ecosystem. The company has gathered strong experience of working abroad, carrying out its own production and using subcontractors, maintaining a distribution network, and quality assurance. 

“In fact, we have already been serving in a sort of mentor role for start-ups. We can support them in areas such as planning, provide perspectives on the regulatory side of things, and help them create networks.”

Activities like these bring many kinds of benefits. The idea is to both help others while also receiving help as necessary. Open activities and mutual coaching promote wellbeing in the entire region.

Timonen also reminds us that when you cooperate with others, you are also bound to learn things yourself. This is particularly the case when the cooperation brings together organisations representing different industries. Indeed, your partner may already have a great sales platform, model or strategy, which you can then apply in your company and create a great model in the process.

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