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“We are interested in interdisciplinarity. What new things can emerge from combining audio with medicine or medical technology?”

Top company wants to promote regional interest

When Genelec started manufacturing audio solutions aimed at professionals in Iisalmi in 1978, it was clear as day that Finland’s market would not suffice on its own. The company set its sights on the international market straight from the get go. The company’s products currently have one hundred importers around the world, the company has affiliates in the US, China and Japan, and worldwide marketing and sales. 

Genelec’s Managing Director, Siamäk Naghian, believes that the other members of the open Kuopio Health innovation environment will benefit from this international experience and network.

– The companies looking to also enter the international market may be interested in our business model. What has Genelec done to get to the top of the world in a business that is extremely demanding and highly specialised?

Naghian finds it important that the successful company takes societal and regional responsibility, promoting the development and wellbeing in the region. At the same time, the company benefits from having a network of enterprises that also serve the company itself growing under its wings. Naghian is interested in creating value networks and innovations.

He will also not downplay the new opportunities the cooperation brings. 

– We are interested in interdisciplinarity. What new things can emerge from joining medicine or medical technology to audio? We have a vast amount of potential there, he considers. 

Siamäk Naghian
Only the best quality

Regional responsibility is closely connected to the philosophy underlying Genelec’s business. The company’s philosophy is based on being the best in the industry. The sustainable development principle, social responsibility, high quality, persistence and profound expertise are intertwined in all this. 

The company is proud of how it develops and manufactures its products in Iisalmi, Finland, starting from circuit boards. The decades of experience the company’s employees have is manifested as quality, and there is a vast amount of tacit knowledge. This also enables quality development.

Siamäk Naghian explains that, for a long time, sustainable development has been considered as important as profitability or sound quality in the company’s strategy. These aspects are also interconnected. For example, the company engaged in long-term expensive and challenging product development related to the recycling of aluminium. Now, the successful outcome of this labour also serves the development of audio quality. 

– This is another example of turning sustainable development into a source of innovation. We find that extremely interesting! 

Growth is more than just numbers

Siamäk Naghian points out that at Genelec, a company employing around two hundred people, growth is about more than just numbers. The brand’s uniqueness is a form of growth, as is advancing competence. You cannot attract growth by making choices that are poor from an environmental or social responsibility perspective. Making choices is easier when everyone in a company knows the basis of making decisions.

And sustainability is not necessarily the opposite of euros. In the past ten years, as sustainable development has also emerged as a key factor in the choices of customers in the consumer sector, Genelec has become increasingly sought-after.

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