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Pfizer Finland joined the Kuopio Health cooperative as a partner in May 2023. Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, which also operates actively in Finnish society. Pfizer conducts clinical trials in Finland and is involved in supporting several public-private research and innovation cooperation projects.

The Kuopio Health ecosystem grows and strengthens again when Pfizer Finland joined the cooperative in May. Pfizer Finland is known for its active collaboration with different stakeholders, and the company wants to participate in the development of Finnish healthcare and contribute to the realization of the growth strategy of research and innovation activities in the health sector. Pfizer’s goal is also to bring more health sector investments and economic growth to Finland.

Kuopio Health is a growing, international community where companies, experts, financiers, researchers and clinicians are committed to working together to take ideas that are born out of needs into commercial applications. The operation emphasizes the common goal of promoting global health and well-being. In this work, the contribution and dedication of the actors of the ecosystem are key factors.

“Kuopio Health and Pfizer’s shared vision of promoting health and the desire to promote research and innovation meet. The ecosystem has such high-quality skills that Pfizer sees a great opportunity in utilizing. Kuopio Health’s networks and cooperation with a diverse membership create the basis for new innovative solutions,” says CEO Aki Gröhn, from Kuopio Health.

“We are very pleased to start this collaboration with Kuopio Health. We see excellent opportunities to promote cooperation in clinical trials and registry studies. The knowledge and insight gained regarding the effectiveness of medicines, vaccines, and also digital patient support solutions are valuable to both of us. We want to develope innovative solutions to support healthcare and patients together,” says Pfizer Finland’s Medical Lead Merja Väkeväinen.

Contact information:

Kuopio Health
Aki Gröhn, CEO
Tel. +358 50 403 7540

Pfizer Finland
Jutta Joutseno, Communications Manager
Tel. +358 9 430 040