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Strategic allocation of public and private funding


The most important on-going project Kuopio Health has at the moment is the initiation project related to national ecosystem agreements. This action has been set in the Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government. According to the programme, separate agreements have been drafted with Finnish university towns regarding the strategic allocation of public and private RDI funding to strengthen globally competitive ecosystems. The objective of the agreements is to build innovation ecosystems, in other words, to intensify cooperation within networks, strengthen key competences and increase effectiveness. The key strategic themes defined in the Kuopio agreement are health and wellbeing technology as well as water expertise. Kuopio Health has been selected to lead the health and wellbeing part of this action.

Currently, the main target in this innovation ecosystem development project is setting up the operational model together with the key health and wellbeing technology partners. Because of the intimate relationship of this target with the overall targets of Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem cooperative, the operational model has been fully integrated into the operations of the Kuopio Health organization.


Building innovative smart solutions and effective marketing


In the initiation project of the ecosystem agreement, the operations and activities are broken down to the themes of
  1. smart solutions for health and wellbeing
  2. smart solutions for personalized nutrition
  3. platforms for health data
  4. marketing and communications at national and international levels.
In respect to these, the following actions have been made thus far:
  • integration of smart solutions initiatives to the activities of the Kuopio Health working group for health and wellbeing data
  • initiation of the collaboration discussions between the actors in the field of personalized nutrition (Food Valley Kuopio, Agri-Food Cluster North Savo, and companies)
  • integration of health data platform (health data lake) development as part of the Kuopio Health working group for health and wellbeing data, in order to generate new ideas and coordinate the collaboration
  • marketing, communication, and awareness raising through the Kuopio Health website, newsletters, and social media.


Creating a trustworthy community


Although the project is at an initial phase, and still a major part of the work is setting up the ways of working, you can already feel a sense of fellowship and more united network. As one of the Kuopio Health innovation ecosystem members put it: “A trustworthy community of friendship companies that all represent the health industry and where we all wish for great things to happen to one another.”

Text: Kimmo Solehmainen, Development Manager, Kuopio Health