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Kuopio Health’s team will be strengthened when Kimmo Solehmainen (D.Sc.) starts in the role of development manager in November. Kimmo has diverse expertise in R&D, sales and marketing, quality development, project activities in various roles, and management. Kimmo also has more than 20 years of experience in innovation activities related to modern manufacturing technologies and the development of innovation environments.

Kimmo will move to Kuopio Health from Oplatek Group Ltd, where he has served as a Sales Director, responsible for international sales development, marketing, and R&D.

“I hope that we will achieve extensive cooperation for the benefit of the health, wellbeing, and nutrition sector. I have a burning enthusiasm to bring all my skills and experience to the community and to support the growth of its members. I feel that in this role one can work as a part of high-level multidisciplinary field of experts,” says Kimmo Solehmainen.

“It’s great to get Kimmo involved in developing the Kuopio Health ecosystem to the next level. Kimmo’s diverse expertise in both business life and business-oriented research at VTT creates opportunities to take development actions with Kuopio Health’s members and partners to an increasingly concrete level. This will certainly be seen not only in Kuopio but also nationally and internationally,” says Aki Gröhn, CEO of Kuopio Health.


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Aki Gröhn, President and CEO, Kuopio Health Osk.

+ 358 50 403 7540, aki.grohn@kuopiohealth.fi


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