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Finnadvance has secured a 1.2 million Euros seed funding round! Finland’s leading life science investor, Athensmed led this round, and Finnadvance’s existing investors Voima Ventures and Icebreaker VC along-with Takoa Invest contributed to this round. Dr. Leena Niemistö and Sauli Törmälä have joined for the seed stage as well.

Story in brief:

Finnadvance revolutionizes drug research and development – they’re the highest throughput platform for in-vitro blood-brain barrier. Now expanding into lung and gut fields.

Their technology has practically limitless applications in fields such as biotech, safety and efficacy of nano/microparticles and biomaterials, and cosmetics evaluation – they can significantly speed up the preclinical R&D processes and save enormous spending observed with conventional methods.

Finnadvance has received EU, ELY and Business Finland funding to develop their R&D, and are now rapidly growing their team to commercialize their technology. Finnadvance currently has 17 team members, is 3 years old, and is already generating revenue.