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Earlier this year Finnadvance secured a 1.2 million Euros seed funding round. Finland’s leading life science investor, Athensmed led this round, and Finnadvance’s existing investors Voima Ventures and Icebreaker.vc. contributed as well.

Now Finnadvance comes out of the stealth stage and launches their high throughput organ-on-chip platform. Company revolutionizes drug research and development – they’re the highest throughput platform for in-vitro blood-brain, lung and gut-on-chip barriers.

Also brain organoids expert Sebastien Muller has joined Finnadvance as chief scientific officer. After his successful exit from previous ventures, Sebastien will address the unmet need of preclinical drug testing with Finnadvance’s models

Company’s technology has practically limitless applications in fields such as biotech, chemical industry, safety and efficacy of nano/microparticles and biomaterials, and cosmetics evaluation – they can significantly speed up the preclinical R&D processes and save enormous spendings observed with conventional methods.

Finnadvance has also received EU, ELY and Business Finland funding to develop their R&D, and are now rapidly growing their team to commercialize their technology. Finnadvance currently has 22 team members, is 3 years old, and is already generating revenue.