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Studies of Experts in Medical Computing students are well on their way. An important part of their study program is internship in which they can utilize their new skills and create value to the organizations in which they work. University of Eastern Finland and Savonia invite their existing and new partners to announce job openings and internship positions. Being quick will secure your access to a large pool of talents. 

Experts in Medical Computing program has created detailed student skill profiles which helps UEF and Savonia to match company needs and potential interns. Please note that students have good interdisciplinary skills in health care, pharmacy, computing and business. They have at least BSc level degree in their main discipline, years of work experience and new skills acquired from ongoing courses.

UEF and Savonia have fresh data on skills and interests of the students seeking for an internship at the moment. Several of them have background clinical or pharmaceutical profession. During the studies they have learned Python, Matlab and BI basics. MDR basics they have learned in a 12-hour webinar series, and more in an elective course. There are few active students with IT background (eg. C, C# or CAD and GIS), and one from health-tech business sector. The internship means min. 450 hours of work during this year.

For more information please contact Markku or Paavo, markku.kellomaki@savonia.fi or paavo.vartiainen@uef.fi.