Venue: Zoom Organizer: The SOLH-project (Support Office for Life Science and Health) & ECH-Alliance Date: 24.05.2022 Time: 13:00 - 16:00 Homepage:

‘Environments for co-development and EU funding possibilities’ is an afternoon that highlights environments for co-development within health and life science and possible interregional funding for collaboration in the Northern periphery and Arctic region.

During this event some of the established development labs and environments in the north of Sweden and Finland are presented. These are important infrastructures for innovation and health system resilience. How can collaboration strengthen their capacity? Possibilities with interregional funding programmes are highlighted and needs as the basis for project ideas discussed. There are many ways for stakeholders to participate.

The afternoon is aimed for researchers, health- and social care professionals, representatives for companies, clusters and patient groups, technical and behavioural experts etc. Especially invited are stakeholders from the Interreg program area of Aurora and the Northern Periphery and Arctic (Greenland, Island, North of Sweden, Finland, and Norway as well as Ireland).