Venue: Online webinar Organizer: Aalto University, Health Design, Kuopio Health, OuluHealth, Terkko Health Hub and Upgraded Date: 03.12.2020


Welcome to the next event from the Health Talks series – health, life sciences and entrepreneurship talks organized by Aalto University, Health Design, Kuopio Health, OuluHealth, Terkko Health Hub and Upgraded – Health Startup Association of Finland.


Artificial intelligence-based applications can bring a number of benefits to the health sector: they can streamline processes, speed up clinical decision-making, lighten staff workloads, and bring efficiency and accuracy to diagnosis. But what ethical issues do we run into when a machine replaces a human? When artificial intelligence is included in decision-making, we need to ensure that decision-making is transparent and that it is clear to people when they are dealing with artificial intelligence instead of another person. Another perspective considers, how can we measure the effectiveness of artificial intelligence-based applications and the benefits of artificial intelligence?

During the webinar, we will look at artificial intelligence-based solutions from three different perspectives:
1. Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare
2. An ethical perspective on artificial intelligence-based applications
3. Effectiveness assessment of AI-based solutionsHow:

Webinar will be held via Zoom. Link will be sent later.


Antti Väänänen, CEO at Vireum

Antti is an experienced ICT professional, artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur with a passion for providing the technology of the future to the healthcare industry today. Antti also has more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur in many companies. Antti’s goal is to lead Vireum in creating a distribution platform for high-quality artificial intelligence services that could improve healthcare processes and thus provide better care outcomes and benefit patients and all actors in the care process.

Janne Parkkila, AI Expert, Healthcare IT Professional & Doctor of Science in Technology, CEO Oy

Janne is an artificial intelligence and digital transformation expert, helping companies to move fully to the digital era of information technology. He has worked with multiple private companies and governmental organizations to improve processes with digital technology. His goal is always to find IT solutions that really improve profitability of the company and also lower the employee work burden.

Erkki Soini, CEO, SHEOR Director, Health Economist at ESiOR Oy

Erkki is an awarded health economic evaluation professional, who aims at outcomes and insights. He has done effectiveness and cost-effectiveness assessments and research related to medicinal products, treatments, services, software, and digitalization together with multiple stakeholders from Finland and abroad. He likes high-quality data, valid methods, and reliable predictions. His ambition is to produce information and insight to enable evidence-based decision-making that promotes rational resource allocation and impact.

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