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In a world where maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst the demands of modern life is a universal challenge, new solutions are on the horizon. One noteworthy example is the partnership between Wellpro Impact Solutions Ltd and HealthHub Finland EDIH. Together, the collaborators are embarking on a journey to develop AI-powered virtual assistants that have the potential to reshape how we approach our health and daily routines.

Addressing Wellbeing Challenges

Wellpro Impact Solutions is a company at the forefront of wellness technology. They recognize the need for effective tools that empower individuals to take a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing. Their services, Myseula and BitHabit, were designed to cater to various aspects of wellbeing. Myseula is a digital tool, which enables the screening of risk factors related to brain and memory health as well as mental well-being, along with the impact of personal lifestyle on individual well-being. BitHabit aims to ingrain small healthy behaviours into people’s daily lives to turn them into lasting habits. Presently, BitHabit offers over 400 small daily actions to promote user’s well-being.

“Our aim is to enable as many Finns as possible to change their lifestyle through this simple activation programme,” tells Petteri Sveins, the CEO of Wellpro.

BitHabit Daily ChallengeNature with all senses”: When out in nature, stop for a moment to feel nature. Listen to the sounds of nature, smell the scents or look at the beautiful colours of nature.

Exploring AI’s Potential through Collaboration

In collaboration with HealthHub Finland EDIH, Wellpro aims to tap into the potential of AI and develop rule-based virtual assistants that could help individuals lead healthier lives. The vision is to have virtual companions guide individuals towards healthier lifestyles by integrating AI into Myseula and BitHabit. Users could choose to activate a virtual assistant to find, for example, small actions that promote their personal well-being. The development service is provided by HealthHub Finland EDIH partner Kuopio Health and will be executed by the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Computing (Computational Intelligence Research Group) as part of its DigiCenterNS services.

“Wellpro joined recently the Kuopio Health ecosystem, and this is a nice example of collaborations that ecosystems tend to create. In one of the collaborative meetings, professor Pekka Toivanen – Head of the Computational Intelligence Research Group – mentioned the potential of the EDIH collaboration to Wellpro’s CEO Petteri Sveins, and from there it all begun,” explains Kimmo Solehmainen from Kuopio Health.

HealthHub Finland EDIH is a European digital innovation hub, offering free or subsidised test-before-invest and innovation services, financing advice, training and skills development. It is a consortium that brings together experts and resources from Finland’s most prominent health ecosystems, such as in this case Kuopio Health.

“I urge all SMEs with health innovation needs to contact us. We have allocated almost 500 000 € to subsidise our tailored services”, advises HealthHub Finland EDIH project coordinator Henrik Honkanen.

AI as a Wellbeing Guide

Imagine an AI companion that understands your preferences and routines. The AI-powered assistant could provide tailored suggestions and support for better health. This digital partner could inspire users to incorporate small, meaningful actions into their daily lives, fostering the development of healthier habits. For example, the assistant might suggest actions to enhance physical wellbeing, boost mental clarity, or improve sleep patterns. It could serve as a reliable ally, helping users stick to healthier choices.

“We are very excited about this project and our goal is to create a personalized and adaptive system that can understand your needs and preferences as well as provide you with relevant and timely suggestions for improving your wellbeing. Whether you want to exercise more, sleep better, or reduce stress, our AI companion will be there to support you and motivate you to achieve your goals”, explains Project Manager Keijo Haataja from UEF’s Computational Intelligence (CI) Research Group.

“EDIH-project’s significant support from both EU and Business Finland makes it possible to set the ambition level of the project much higher than what would be normally possible without the EDIH project”, stresses Haataja.

BitHabit Daily Challenge “Two-minute reset”: sit for 2min with your eyes closed and listen to your mind.

Pioneering the Future of Wellbeing

As the collaboration between Wellpro Impact Solutions and HealthHub Finland progresses towards the creation of AI-powered virtual assistants, we stand on the brink of a new era in wellbeing. These digital companions could redefine how we approach health, offering personalized guidance and motivation.

“Although the technology is still in its infancy, it is already clear that these solutions could significantly change the way we live our lives,” concludes Juha Tenhunen, Digital Service Designer of Wellpro.

The Wellpro team: the masterminds behind Myseula and BitHabit