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Clinipower Finland Ltd and Heart2Save deepen their shared expertise.

Outi Kaasinen (MBA), health technology expert with long track record in sales management both globally and nationally, joins Heart2Save as sales director and member of the company’s steering group for commercialization. At Clinipower Finland Ltd, her main responsibility is business development.

“I’m thrilled to support two growth companies with a strong purpose and contribute to commercializing innovations. For me, it’s deeply significant to help customers in bringing to market services and products that make a difference in people’s lives and combine quality of life with safety.”

Helena Jäntti, Founder and CEO of Heart2Save: “We have an outstanding product, and we wanted a seasoned pro to take it to market. With this partnership, we can benefit both from Outi’s expertise and the support of Clinipower Finland Ltd’s extensive team.”

Maija Laukkanen, Founder and CEO of Clinipower Finland Ltd: “Outi brings us strong commercial skills and a new service design angle, and she will focus on business development and domestic sales. We warmly welcome her to Clinipower Finland Ltd’s dream team!”

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