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June 12-13, 2022

Kuopio Finland

Digital health

and the data that drives it


Kuopio Health Insights 2022 (KHI 2022) is about experiencing firsthand how a relatively small yet incredibly dedicated and collaborative ecosystem has blossomed into a powerful, data-driven innovation magnet within the health and wellness sector in Finland – and how it is leading the digital health transformation and creating positive health outcomes for people in Finland and beyond.

This event is designed to coincide with the HIMSS 2022 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) event in Helsinki, Finland. Many participants will most likely attend both events.

The event starts with a traditional scenic Kuopio boat cruise on beautiful Lake Kallavesi on 12th of June (5 PM). The actual seminar will take place on 13th of June.

Kuopio Health is backed by multi-disciplinary and trusted private and public organisations with high competence in business, international expertise, R&D and research excellence.

At Kuopio Health Insights 2022 you will meet many of the region’s key players. Our cooperative innovation ecosystem provides access to data, knowledge, projects and capabilities within our network, allowing participants to forge valuable partnerships, find new insights, and bridge any of the typical barriers that tend to block progress.

Get to know some of our key players

Kai is a pioneer in patient-facing solutions for clinical trials working with young innovative technology companies.

Kai Langel

Janssen R&D, Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation, Global Regulatory Policy and Intelligence

It- and Digital Clinical Trials veteran Katri Langel has almost 20 years’ experience working with the industry

Katri Langel

Curebase, Europe, Sr. Program Development

Johanna has a strong background in biobank research but also in RWD/RWE studies as well as clinical trials.

Johanna Mäkelä

FINBB, Director of Research and Services

In addition to scientific publications and supervised academic theses, Juhas work has led to patents and commercialization of scientific innovations.

Juha Töyräs

KYS, Director of research and innovation

Johannes promotes Finland's competitiveness in Sitra's Health Data 2030 project.

Johannes Ahlqvist

Sitra, Expert, Health Data 2030

What's in store on a seminar day 13.6.?

Health data & analysis

Clinical research & innovations

Digital & Industrial solutions

SESSION 1: Health data & analysis

09.00-09.10 Welcoming words, Kuopio Health Chairman of the board

09.10-09.40 Keynote: FinBB, Johanna Mäkelä, Director of Research and Services, FinBB

09.40-10.10 Keynote: Case Biobank of Eastern Finland, prof. Arto Mannermaa, Research Manager, Biobank of Eastern Finland

10.10-10.30 Health Benefit Analysis, Anu Mahlamäki, Medical Expert, Duodecim Oy

10.30-10.50 Effectiveness research and business, Erkki Soini, CEO, Managing Partner, ESiOR Oy

10.50-11.20 Coffee break


SESSION 2: Clinical research & innovations

11.20-11.40 Decentralized and virtual clinical trials: Opportunity for Finland?, Johannes Ahlqvist, Specialist, Health data 2030, Sitra

11.40-12.00 KYS as a development platform, Juha Töyräs, Director of Research and Innovation, KYS

12.00-12.20 Timelines of patients in clinical care – towards automatic re-construction and visualization, prof. Juha E Jääskeläinen, KUH NeuroCenter

12.20-12.40 Decentralized clinical trials and their possibilities, Katri Langel, Senior Director of Program Development, Curebase

12.40-14.00 Lunch


SESSION 3: Digital & Industrial solutions

14.00-14.20 Digital Measures – why this matters and what we need in the ecosystem to scale this?, Kai Langel, Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation, Global Regulatory Policy and Intelligence, Janssen R&D

14.20-14.40 VTT Preventive and Predictive Health Solutions, Markus Forsberg, Research Professor, VTT

14.40-15.00 RegOps: Solita’s journey towards agile medical device software development, Tuomas Granlund, Quality Manager, Solita

15.00-15.20 From Kuopio to USA market, Antti Näykki, Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies, Bittium Oy

15.20-15.40 Coffee break

15.40-15.50 Newicon

15.50-16.00 Adamant Health

16.00-16.10 Heart2Save

16.10-16.20 Medikro

16.20-16.30 Kubios

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